Great electrical and electronic products are the result of careful planning and impeccable design capabilities.

Arlec Australia maintains its own in-house design team, which is responsible for researching and developing new products. Product Engineering & Design Manager, Michael Nimmervoll, and his colleagues perform a range of functions, including ‘ground up’ design work to transform raw concepts into finished products to suit Australian requirements and standards.

Designers communicate closely with the sales team, retail partners and manufacturers to produce products of the highest quality and performance standards.

Arlec has a rich history of innovative product development. For example, in the 1980s and 1990s the company was a pioneer in battery recharging technologies aimed at top-end DIY market segments, including rechargeable batteries and charge indicators for vehicles.

Nowadays, our R&D activities carry on a long-standing tradition of responding to community needs with reliable, safe and quality-controlled products.

Active areas of interest include innovations relating to LED technology, which are finding applications in a growing number of product categories. We are also leaders in patent socket switches and wiring accessories.

As a locally owned and operated company, we strive to create products that are well suited to Australasia’s harsh conditions. Material selections are always predicated on the need for durability, consistency and safety.

“The interesting thing about Arlec is there is always some new aspect to consider – I haven’t spent 28 years doing the same thing. There is a fresh challenge every day.” MICHAEL NIMMERVOLL, PRODUCT ENGINEERING & DESIGN MANAGER – AND VALUED CONTRIBUTOR TO ARLEC’S PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM SINCE 1986.