Arlec Australia, under the stewardship of Monty Puika, General Manager – Product, is renowned as a provider of electronic and electrical goods in all primary consumer product categories, including Communications, Homeware, Lighting, Security, Wiring and general Workshop requirements.

The full Arlec inventory, representing thousands of products, is a constantly evolving synthesis of cutting-edge technology, ever-changing manufacturing processes, and design innovation. All Arlec products cater to the immediate needs of customers, as identified through our formalised communication channels with retail category managers, group and independent buyers, merchandise managers, complex managers, international manufacturing partners, as well as end users. From the latest energy-efficient LED sensor lights to switches made from the world’s most environmentally friendly plastics, we benchmark all our products against criteria of innovation, energy efficiency, recyclability and code-compliant fabrication. With these protocols in mind, we scour the world to make sure our manufacturing partners’ systems and techniques conform to world’s best practice and all relevant Australian Standards and codes, safety standards, and electromagnetic emissions standards. Our strict quality control regimes apply to every layer of the production supply chain. This attention to detail, backed up by exhaustive testing regimes conducted before, during and after manufacturing processes, is what separates us from our competitors.

We also design and modify our products and product lines in accordance with the latest fashion trends and styles, matching premium functionality with pleasing aesthetics, to make sure every Arlec item fits harmoniously into contemporary homes and workplaces.

Of course, the best products need to be presented with the most clearly articulated packaging systems and instruction manuals, as befits products featuring new-generation advanced technologies. All Arlec packaging and merchandising material is designed in-house by expert graphic designers to facilitate each customer’s purchasing experience, reduce the workloads of retail floor staff, and ultimately streamline DIY sales efficiency. Digital versions of all important user documentation is viewable on this website.

Arlec holds more than a dozen product patents and many hundreds of registered designs.

“At Arlec, we are always thinking of tomorrow’s products: more technical, more automated, smarter products that users will be able to control with handheld devices; products that will talk to each other, link to other products, and of course perform with premium energy savings.” MONTY PUIKA, GENERAL MANAGER – PRODUCT, ARLEC AUSTRALIA. A PROUD MEMBER OF THE ARLEC FAMILY SINCE 1987.